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Based in Sydney with offices in NSW, Victoria and Queensland and operating worldwide, we are Australia’s original and leading 3D laser scanning specialists.

Our 3D scanning and advanced manufacturing services include:

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Case study: Brewery Digital Twin

COVID safe 3D Scanning keeps Engineering Design Team on schedule

The Challenge

The COVID pandemic had just started and the majority of Sydney based businesses were preparing for staff to work from home. Our client had a team of 5-7 engineers ready to start the design of a major upgrade but needed to know the existing layout of all structures, equipment and pipework for multiple projects across the large site.


3D Scanning is COVID safe and was the perfect solution to capture the entirety of the site. Once the necessary safety inductions were complete only one of the Wysiwyg3d engineers was needed on site over the next two days with the terrestrial laser scanner. The onsite maintenance team of the plant were notified and all works scheduled around our scanning plan.

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The Results

Capture of the data was fast and accurate, in one area alone we captured 35 scans and 6.GB data. The data was aligned and ready for 3d modelling by our team of engineers who were also working from home at this stage.

The true value of 3d laser scanning is knowing the 3d cad models are accurate and data is fit for purpose – meaning the engineers could integrate our data seamlessly into industry standard design programs and continue working to meet the tight deadline.

Floor Slope - Gradient Analysis

Floor flatness deviation with values
wysiwyg3d-3dscanning-aec-manufactring-foodmanufacturing-floor flatness deviation
Floor flatness deviation
Autonomous vehicles

Reverse engineering

3D Scanning captures complex geometry of existing products, equipment and parts that enables engineers to:

  • Make iterative improvements.
  • Reverse engineer legacy parts that lack CAD models.
  • Create a mesh for additive manufacturing from an existing object without taking the time to create a model from scratch.
  • Perform detailed quality control checks on manufactured parts.
  • Collect detailed data for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
  • Recreate accurate CNC cutter paths to remanufacture older parts.

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