Happy 18th Birthday Wysiwyg 3D

The 1st of January is Wysiwyg 3D’s 18th birthday and Shane’s been scanning for 21 years! Our clients have won gold medals and court cases, we’ve brought back to life rare vintage cars, upgrades to multimillion dollar properties, distilleries and ethanol plants, captured historic artefacts and priceless war memorabilia, high school and university students major…

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Photogrammetry beast

VFX Complete Solutions

Wysiwyg 3D offer complete VFX data capture capabilities – including lidar scanning, prop scanning, cyber scanning, full camera rig, set photography, data wrangling and 3D Printing. With over 25 movies and 20 years 3D Scanning the engineers at Wysiwyg 3D are the VFX specialists. Coming soon:  The Camera rig is soon be trailer mounted so it can…

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3D Around the World

Articles sourced from around the globe to give you ideas on how you can use the latest in 3D Technology right here in Australia from the Engineers at Wysiwyg 3D. UCLA reconstructs lost Tiwanaku temple with 3D printing. The Value of Laser Scanning to Your Food Facility Project. Tech Helps Law Enforcement, Doesn’t Cross ‘Big Brother’…

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