Laser Scanners


Attached to a portable arm, this laser scanner sweeps and probes small to medium objects (e.g. vehicle components and machine parts) to create 3D computer models with moderate to intricate detail.

This robust technology is suited to most industrial environments. With up to 3m reach, its stability enables repeatable action and high accuracy (0.03mm).



With a 360° field of view, we use this laser (lidar) scanner to create 3D models of medium to large objects or areas.

By attaching it to our jib, we can extend it 3m or elevate it 5m to scan artefacts and artworks, vehicles, structures or machinery.

Even from 5m, it maintains high accuracy (0.2mm) and resolution (0.8mm) with near-zero noise.

Faro Focus

This 360° terrestrial/surveying laser (lidar) scanner has an accuracy of 2mm and a range up to 130m.

We can mount it on a vehicle using our height-adjustable, self-levelling, GPS-coordinated platform, to capture 3D records of very large objects or areas – buildings, mines, stadiums, crime scenes, accident and construction sites, movie sets and locations – with medium detail and minimal environmental impact.


Other 3D Scanners


Artec Eva and Space Spider

We can employ these versatile, high quality, hand-held 3D scanners separately or together, depending on your needs. We use Eva for medium-sized targets (e.g. an actor) and Spider for small areas, precisely capturing intricate details (e.g. hairs and wrinkles).

Both scanners:

  • are fast (Eva can process up to 2 million points per second; Spider does 1 million points per second) and highly accurate (Eva to 0.25mm; Spider to 0.05mm)
  • produce 3D computer models in brilliant colour with very high resolution (Eva up to 0.5mm, Spider up to 0.1mm)
  • employ structured light technology (not lasers), so are safe for scanning live targets
  • require no object preparation; even black or shiny surfaces are no problem
  • can record real-time 3D video of moving targets, and
  • are compact and lightweight with long-lasting batteries, so we can take them anywhere and work all day.

Camera rig

With 85 HDR cameras firing simultaneously, our portable, 360° rig captures 3D geometry in full colour with high quality.

We merge the photos to create accurate 3D computer models (cyber scans) of people and objects, for applications in the arts, heritage preservation, and entertainment or advertising.



This non-contact 3D scanner uses phase-shifting optical triangulation to capture details of small objects such as dental moulds, teeth and coins with very high accuracy (0.01mm) and high resolution (0.06mm).


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