broken sculpture 3d cad model wysiwyg3d

Broken Sculpture

When a hand made sculpture arrives broken the engineers 3D scanned each piece and digitally put it back together ready for scaling up and machining! For more information on 3d laser scanning or 3d modeling for your art or sculpture project Contact Us.

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Maserati Sump and Mating Cover assembled mould wysiwyg3d

Maserati Sump and Mating Cover

The challenge was to reproduce an approximately 60 year old cast aluminium sump and mating cover but there was a catch – It not only had to be the same, but better! This is not your average car though it’s a 1956 Maserati A6G Allemano and there’s only two in Australia. So, supply new castings that…

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wysiwyg3d 3dscanning 3dlaserscanning 3d printing Triumph Badge 3d prints finished badge

Triumph Badge

3D Scanning and 3D Printing a Triumph Badge The client needed a new badge for his customised fuel tank but wanted it to look the same as the original badge. This was the typical – I want it exactly the same but completely different. The existing badge didn’t fit the client’s new but customised fuel…

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wysiwyg3d 3D Scanning for Form Bucks

3D Scanning for Form Bucks

Form Bucks made easy with 3D Scanning 3D Scanning for Form Bucks complement traditional craftsmanship with the latest in modern technology to save car restorers and manufacturers time, money and headaches. Accuracy and quality is improved and bucks are designed to a high tolerance meaning they fit together with increased precision. Bucks can be used for one…

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trust building

Trust Building

Trust Building uses 3D Scanning to Create Accurate Floor Plans for Design Team Overseas Constructed between 1914 and 1916 The Trust Building in Sydney’s CBD is heritage listed under the NSW office of Heritage and Environment and declared of state significance as a rare surviving commercial building of the Edwardian period and the leading example…

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wysiwyg3d 3dscanning City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018

City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018

City of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018 uses Digital Models for Manufacturing  The City of Sydney celebrate Chinese New Year with larger than life Chinese Zodiacs – all twelve of them were featured in and around the Sydney Harbour and Haymarket. The Chinese Zodiacs start life as a 2d sketch by the artist, from there…

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