wysiwyg3d 3d scanning mining engineering

3D Scanning for Mining in Malaysia

3D Scanning in Malaysia Whilst our client was based in Sydney they needed some 3D Scanning done in Malaysia of a mining mill. Nothing unusual about that, except the mine site is 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur in the jungle. The mine site would be shutdown for routine maintenance and we had only 12 hours to complete all…

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BIM & Feasibility Study Wysiwyg3d-3dscanning-engineering-railwork-005

BIM & Feasibility Study

3D Scanning for BIM and Feasibility Study For this project it was determined by the design team to utilize a combination of 3D scanning techniques and the power of 3D design software to communicate across the design team the options, issues and assumptions associated with this project. Traditional survey techniques would have created a basic…

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wysiwyg3d 3d scanning mining manufacturing engineering

3D Scanning for Manufacturing

Onsite Scanning, 3D Probing and modelling of individual welded plate components for manufacturing purposes. Using the latest in 3D scanning technology each welding plate was 3D Scanned and 3D Modelled individually. Totalling over 100 plates, every one of the bore holes fit tightly and accurately. With a 2 day turn around WYSIWYG had the files…

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Hackathon Powerhouse Museum

3D Scanning Museum Items For Hackathon This exciting event matches 10 contemporary designers with 10 collection objects that have been 3D scanned.  Designers spend two intensive days manipulating the 3D object files, using as much creativity as they can muster to design their own hacked interpretations.   Working in a studio environment, the designer’s challenge is…

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