wysiwyg3d-3dscanning 3dprinting-Bernie Doll


3D Scanning Bernie for Parkinsons’ Disease Bernie doesn’t just shake! is a 4 day exhibition about people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) that have re-invented themselves and as a result are benefiting from their positive attitude. The It’s Not Funny team thought that it would be a great idea to make a dashboard wobbly doll…

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1914 Delage Engine

1914 Delage Engine Block

As there was no information other than the original engine, re-manufacturing was done using 3d scanning the original block, CAD modelling a virtual block, CAD modelling and 3D printing a sand mould, casting the block in a material similar to the original, and machining the casting to suit all the other retained engine components. To all intents and purposes – a clone

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vivid sydney chatswood

Vivid Sydney Chatswood

Lidar Scanning Chatswood for the first time in preparation for Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney is becoming so popular that for the first time VIVID Sydney will move further afield to Chatswood and Chippendale to combat the growing crowds and make it more family friendly. The Wysiwyg 3D engineers used the latest in lidar scanning technologies…

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wysiwyg3d 3d laser scanning First Nations Scar Tree

First Nations Scar Tree

3D Scanning Aboriginal Scar trees As part of a heritage assessment and conservation plan 3d scanning and HDR photographs were taken for three distinctively scarred remnant Eucalyptus albens tree at the Wilpinjong Mine – 40Km North-East of Mudgee The Wilpinjong Mine is an open-cut coal mine located 40 kilometers north east of Mudgee. In an agreement with…

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Vacuum Forming – Sushi with a Twist

3D Scanning and Vacuum Forming – Sushi with a Twist A long-time client and subscriber to our Enewsletter Gary immediately thought of 3D Scanning when this project came up. GARY DEIRMENDJIAN is an artist based in Sydney, his practice encompasses sculpture, photography, video, installation and site-specific intervention. He has exhibited extensively and has received numerous…

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Heritage Property Reynolds St Balmain Wysiwyg3d-3dscanning-heritage-balmain

Heritage Property Reynolds St Balmain

3D Scanning needed for redevelopment of Heritage Property in Balmain The scope was to 3D Scan and remodel of each fascade, every wall, structural beam, steel column, doors, window and roof component (rafters, hips, collars, ceiling joints, props/struts) of the building. The original brief included retaining and refurbishing the existing heritage building to accommodate new…

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