wysiwyg3d 3dscanning sarah ellen 3d printing

3D Scanning Sarah Ellen

Social Media Star Sarah3Ellen uses 3D scanning and 3D Printing Maybelline, Perks of Her and Social Media sensation Sarah Ellen used 3D Scanning and 3D Printing for the advertising campaign makefithappen! Cyber scanning took place in our Peakhurst office taking only minutes to capture the data in full colour. 3D Scanned in 2 different poses and…

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wysiwyg3d ifrankenstein

I Frankenstein

Cyber Scanning the cast for the blockbuster movie CGI animation Filmed in 2013 in Melbourne Australia. I, Frankenstein used Cyber scanning for Visual Effects. Using portable laser scanning technology the Wysiwyg 3D engineers were able to quickly and easily setup in the studio or on location only requiring limited space. Our engineers were able to 3d scan…

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Vivid Sydney uses Lidar Scanning 3dlaserscanning light projection mapping wysiwyg3d

VIVID uses Lidar scanning

Lidar Scanning MLC Centre Ample Projects – specialists in projection and interactive design, contacted the team at Wysiwyg 3D to use lidar scanning as the basis for their light projection design. An unusual design the MLC centre was to form a part of a growing list of Sydney icons that make up Vivid Sydney.  Wysiwyg 3D Engineers used our…

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