Hyde Park Anzac Memorial

Replicating the Hyde Park Bas Reliefs for the Hyde Park Anzac Memorial Every now and then you get a job that makes your heart sing – and this job was one of them – for 2 reasons, It’s the Hyde Park Anzac Memorial – it’s a part of Australian history and our great grandfathers were…

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Broken Sculpture

When a hand made sculpture arrives broken the engineers 3D scanned each piece and digitally put it back together ready for scaling up and machining! For more information on 3d laser scanning or 3d modelling for your art or sculpture project Contact Us or if you require more information on any other 3d scanning project Email Us

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Laser scanning car

Building the Korama – Amarok V6

Building the Korama – Amarok V6 prototype started life from design sketches and built as a small scale model. The perfect size for 3D scanning using our Faroarm and measurement table. Post processing included preparing the 3D cad file for machining using a high density foam as well as scaling up the file. The foam moulds were then used for fibre…

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City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018

The City of Sydney celebrate Chinese New Year with larger than life Chinese Zodiacs – all twelve of them were featured in around the Sydney Harbour and Haymarket. The Chinese Zodiacs start life as a 2d sketch by the artist, from there it’s up to our animation and 3d modelling specialists to turn those 2d…

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3D Scanning Mer-Neith-it-es

3D scanning Mer-Neith-it-es – Archaeologists excavate 2,500-year-old mummy as seen on ABC 7.30 The coffin had been at Sydney University for more than 150 years but nobody realised it was full of human remains but ‘Who is inside the coffin?’” investigation lead and Senior Curator Nicolson Museum Dr Jamie Fraser said. “The latest modern technology is…

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