wysiwyg3d 3dscanning City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018

City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018

City of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018 uses Digital Models for Manufacturing  The City of Sydney celebrate Chinese New Year with larger than life Chinese Zodiacs – all twelve of them were featured in and around the Sydney Harbour and Haymarket. The Chinese Zodiacs start life as a 2d sketch by the artist, from there…

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Adidas Launch Footlocker

The team love a challenge, a chance to create something new, exciting and unique is our speciality – especially for the Adidas product launch at the Footlocker flagship store! As part of the marketing campaign of the new Adidas “Crazy Explosive” basketball shoes, the first 30 people to buy receive a unique meet and dunk…

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Bathurst Court House

Our clients specialise in outdoor 3D Projections and needed a 3D Model of Bathurst Court House for the upcoming festival. There are always challenges when using 3D Laser Scanners and this job was no exception. Apart from needing to 3D Scan at night to ensure ideal conditions for the 3D Scanner – our engineer had to dodge the…

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wysiwyg3d 3d scanning Rugby League World Cup Player Lanterns

Rugby League World Cup Player Lanterns

3D Scanning Rugby League World Cup Player Lanterns To create the Rugby League World Cup Player Lanterns our team of engineers 3D scanned one of the rugby players. Dressed in uniform the rugby player held the footy in position with C-stands supporting his arms whilst the team undertook the colour 3d scanning, this only took…

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wysiwyg3d-3dscanning 3dprinting-Bernie Doll


3D Scanning Bernie for Parkinsons’ Disease Bernie doesn’t just shake! is a 4 day exhibition about people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) that have re-invented themselves and as a result are benefiting from their positive attitude. The It’s Not Funny team thought that it would be a great idea to make a dashboard wobbly doll…

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