wysiwyg3d 3d laser scanning First Nations Scar Tree

First Nations Scar Tree

3D Scanning Aboriginal Scar trees As part of a heritage assessment and conservation plan 3d scanning and HDR photographs were taken for three distinctively scarred remnant Eucalyptus albens tree at the Wilpinjong Mine – 40Km North-East of Mudgee The Wilpinjong Mine is an open-cut coal mine located 40 kilometers north east of Mudgee. In an agreement with…

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Hackathon Powerhouse Museum

3D Scanning Museum Items For Hackathon This exciting event matches 10 contemporary designers with 10 collection objects that have been 3D scanned.  Designers spend two intensive days manipulating the 3D object files, using as much creativity as they can muster to design their own hacked interpretations.   Working in a studio environment, the designer’s challenge is…

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vivid sydney chatswood

Vivid Sydney Chatswood

Lidar Scanning Chatswood for the first time in preparation for Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney is becoming so popular that for the first time VIVID Sydney will move further afield to Chatswood and Chippendale to combat the growing crowds and make it more family friendly. The Wysiwyg 3D engineers used the latest in lidar scanning technologies…

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wysiwyg3d 3d scanning kosh art

3D Scanning Kosh Art

3D Scanning from Kosh Art Artist and Sculptor Phylssa has produced a range of sculptures that are scalable to suit a variety of spaces for the art lover. Phylssa had a range of prototypes 3D Scanned, each part accurately scanned so they could be assembled later. With a click of a button, each sculpture could…

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