maton guitars

Maton Guitars

Established in the early 1940’s, Maton is Australia’s longest running and most successful guitar manufacturer. Challenge: In recent years, Maton have explored new shapes, materials and specifications through their research and development. One of the outcomes being the integration of Additive Manufacturing with their conventional processes to manufacture a new bridge pin design. Solution: When…

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Zoetrope Based on Cuphead Videogame

Challenge: Designed by Megafun using the charming and cheeky animated characters of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead videogame, the zoetrope required 270 detailed models for ACMI motion picture exhibition. GoProto is no stranger to mass customisation or volume 3D printing projects.  However, the team identified some concerns relating to the installation of the 1 metre tall zoetrope with each…

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Ropes Edge

Ropes Edge is an American start-up company dedicated to supplying innovative safety equipment that protects rope from hazardous abrasive edges used in rescue and rigging systems. Challenge: Dirk Dorenbros, owner of Ropes Edge, utilises HP MJF 3D Printing for both prototyping and Additive Manufacturing. Based in America, Dirk wanted to expand globally, without incurring distribution…

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Mining Parts

Critical Mining Parts ready for Australian Manufacturing Our customer was facing a bit of a dilemma on a couple of fronts. A component critical to the operation of a major item of machinery within their daily operations was proving troublesome for two different reasons. Firstly, an overseas supplier was often guilty of long delays in…

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