Son Of The Mask

Wysiwyg 3D was called upon to help cyber scan the Son of The Mask car for manufacturing and laser scan a mask for the dog animation. This project came with many challenges and limiting factors. Starting from approved sketches an artist’s clay maquette was developed and 3d laser scanned. A Holden Monaro or Pontiac GTO was also 3D scanned as…

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Using our various 3d laser scanners Wysiwyg 3D was able to acquire data for the movie Ghostrider. Scanning a number of different sized objects as large as Australia’s Melbourne Telstra Dome to Johhny Blaze’s helmet and Johnny Blaze’s motorbike. The scan data was used for a number of purposes including matching animated footage with the filmed footage,…

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AFTRS use 3D Scanning on Short Film Plastic Cyber scanning has been used on movies for over 10 years and final year AFTRS students Sandy and Courtney were leading the way using ‘digital doubles’ (as they are sometimes known) their thesis – a short film known as Plastic. Sandy & Courtney explain the processes they used…

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wysiwyg 3d 3d scanning lidar scanning fools gold lidar scanning

Fools Gold

Lidar and Cyber Scanning on Movies is one of Wysiywg 3D specialties. Fools Gold, scanned onsite in Queensland, Australia used lidar scanning to capture data of the large ships and details of the underwater landscaping. The point cloud  data was then processed to create accurate 3D cad model’s which provided the necessary details and     measurements to later…

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Benetton Race Car - Les Wright

Benetton Race Car – Les Wright

Scanning a Benetton Race Car We have to thank Shane Rolton, Owner and Principal of Wysiwyg 3D Pty Ltd for his foresight and expertise, he suggested we 3d scan the transaxle as a precaution after the initial repair in case we needed to make a new transaxle as these Benetton units are of the brand know as ”unobtainiam”. The…

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