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Seabird Plane

Future proofing the Seabrid Plane with 3D Scanning The generation of “As – Built” 3D cad model and drawings can be a painful process, especially for an aircraft that has very few straight lines, such as the Seabird. Used for the generation of shop drawings, corrective action in manufacturing, livery design, and future design improvements. Wysiwyg 3D…

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UTS Race Cars

Engine 3D Scanning

Wysiwyg 3D owner Mr Shane Rolton, a Mechanical Engineer and former student from UTS is a proud supporter of the Formula Race Car competition. Over the last decade Wysiwyg 3D has sponsored numerous student teams, including UTS, Uni Newcastle, Uni of Sydney, Uni of NSW, ADFA, and Monash.  By 3d scanning the engine and gearbox…

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Aussie Legends – Toyota Aurion

Aussie Legends use 3D Scanning How do you make a 5m long, 5 door passenger car fit a 3m long space frame racing chassis and still resemble the original car? This was the challenge set to Wysiwyg 3D when approached by Aussie Racing Cars. Toyota TRD had approached Phil Ward of Aussie Racing Cars to…

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Australian Air Force RAAF wysiwyg3d 3d scanning geomagic

Australian Air Force RAAF

RAAF reduces time on ground with digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) The RAAF contacted Wysiwyg 3D Pty Ltd to help streamline the repair process. Wysiwyg’s solution included a Platinum seven-axis FARO arm 3d laser scanner, Geomagic Studio (currently Design X ) and Geomagic Qualify (currently Control X)  digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) software. …

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