Repair of Helicopter Fuselage Hatch

3D Scanning and Printing used to Repair Helicopter Fuselage Hatch Challenge: NSW rescue helicopter was grounded due to a damaged fuselage hatch. Disruption to foreign supply meant a 10 week delay for replacement parts and a daily $15,000 cost to the operator while the helicopter was out-of-service. A fast, local solution was needed to get…

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wysiwyg3d 3d scanning roof bolter

Roof Bolter

3D Scanning used to create new parts for existing Roofbolter A roof bolter is a specialised machine designed for drilling holes and installation of safety bolts in roofs and walls of mines, power plants, tunnels and storage facilities. Challenge: Our client needed a digital twin of the existing machine so that new attachment pieces could…

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wysiwyg3d-3dlaserscanning-manufacturing-mining parts

Mining Parts

Critical Mining Parts ready for Australian Manufacturing Our customer was facing a bit of a dilemma on a couple of fronts. A component critical to the operation of a major item of machinery within their daily operations was proving troublesome for two different reasons. Firstly, an overseas supplier was often guilty of long delays in…

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wysiwyg3d-3dlaserscanning aec impeller vanes

Impeller Vanes

Impeller Vanes Redesigned for Enhanced Performance Challenge: Impeller vane profiles can be a challenging shape to generate at the best of times. So when it comes to 3D modeling a range of existing castings that you would like to remanufacture, you’re going to have your work cut out for you if the plan is to…

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wysiwyg3d- mulwala bridge Commercial 3D Laser Scanning Services Sydney

Mulwala Bridge

Repair Mulwala Bridge with Minimal Disruption The bridge between the Victorian & NSW border towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala spans a section of Lake Mulwala. The bridge opened in 1924 and is an integral part of how the two towns operate and exist on a daily basis. As the main means of crossing the Lake…

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