wysiwyg3d 3d scanning roof bolter

Roof Bolter

3D Scanning used to create new parts for existing Roofbolter A roof bolter is a specialised machine designed for drilling holes and installation of safety bolts in roofs and walls of mines, power plants, tunnels and storage facilities. Challenge: Our client needed a digital twin of the existing machine so that new attachment pieces could…

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Bathurst Court House

Our clients specialise in outdoor 3D Projections and needed a 3D Model of Bathurst Court House for the upcoming festival. There are always challenges when using 3D Laser Scanners and this job was no exception. Apart from needing to 3D Scan at night to ensure ideal conditions for the 3D Scanner – our engineer had to dodge the…

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wysiwyg3d 3d laserscanning Mining Cutter Head

Mining Cutter Head

3D Laser Scanning of the Mining Cutter Head with the purpose of re-lace the cutting picks, changing the spacing from 70mm to 40mm. A cutter head machine is a piece of excavating equipment consisting of a boom-mounted cutting head, a loading device usually involving a conveyor, and a crawler travelling track to move the entire machine…

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3D scanning the Boyd Residence

Architect designed penthouse apartment Sydney uses 3D Scanning A 27 million dollar apartment owner has high standards and the challenge started way before the scanning process took place. 3D Scanning is the perfect solution for this problem. Enth Projects, specialists in elite design fit outs were facing a major problem when they could not create a…

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Vivid Sydney uses Lidar Scanning 3dlaserscanning light projection mapping wysiwyg3d

VIVID uses Lidar scanning

Lidar Scanning MLC Centre Ample Projects – specialists in projection and interactive design, contacted the team at Wysiwyg 3D to use lidar scanning as the basis for their light projection design. An unusual design the MLC centre was to form a part of a growing list of Sydney icons that make up Vivid Sydney.  Wysiwyg 3D Engineers used our…

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