roof bolter

Roof Bolter

3D Scanning used to create new parts for existing machine A roof bolter is a specialsed machine design for drilling holes and installation of safety bolts in roof and walls of mines, power plants, tunnels and storage facilities Our client needed a digital twin of the existing machine so that new attachment pieces could be…

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Mulwala Bridge

Repair Mulwala Bridge with Minimal Disruption The bridge between the Victorian & NSW border towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala spans a section of Lake Mulwala. The bridge opened in 1924 and is an integral part of how the two towns operate and exist on a daily basis. As the main means of crossing the Lake…

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trust building

Trust Building

Trust Building uses 3D Scanning to Create Accurate Floor Plans for Design Team Overseas Constructed between 1914 and 1916 The Trust Building in Sydney’s CBD is heritage listed under the NSW office of Heritage and Environment and declared of state significance as a rare surviving commercial building of the Edwardian period and leading example of…

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BIM & Feasibility Study

3D Scanning for BIM and Feasibility Study For this project it was determined by the design team to utilize a combination of 3D scanning techniques and the power of 3D design software to communicate across the design team the options, issues and assumptions associated with this project. Traditional survey techniques would have created a basic…

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Dimensional Control

3D Scanning for Dimensional Control Problem: Bottom blocks deforms when left on the pallet for maturing. When cut into 1 or 2kg blocks can’t make uniform loft. Solution: Scan 8 pallets (480) blocks of cheese and check what the deformations are compared to the block nominal size. It kept track of type of cheese, location…

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Engine 3D Scanning

Wysiwyg 3D owner Mr Shane Rolton, a Mechanical Engineer and former student from UTS is a proud supporter of the Formula Race Car competition. Over the last decade Wysiwyg 3D has sponsored numerous student teams, including UTS, Uni Newcastle, Uni of Sydney, Uni of NSW, ADFA, and Monash.  By 3d scanning the engine and gearbox…

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