3D scanning the Boyd Residence

Architect designed penthouse apartment Sydney uses 3D Scanning A 27 million dollar apartment owner has high standards and the challenge started way before the scanning process took place. 3D Scanning is the perfect solution for this problem. Enth Projects, specialists in elite design fit outs were facing a major problem when they could not create a…

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Heritage Property Reynolds St Balmain Wysiwyg3d-3dscanning-heritage-balmain

Heritage Property Reynolds St Balmain

3D Scanning needed for redevelopment of Heritage Property in Balmain The scope was to 3D Scan and remodel of each fascade, every wall, structural beam, steel column, doors, window and roof component (rafters, hips, collars, ceiling joints, props/struts) of the building. The original brief included retaining and refurbishing the existing heritage building to accommodate new…

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