Broken Sculpture

When a hand made sculpture arrives broken the engineers 3D scanned each piece and digitally put it back together ready for scaling up and machining! For more information on 3d laser scanning or 3d modelling for your art or sculpture project Contact Us or if you require more information on any other 3d scanning project Email Us

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3D Scanning Kosh Art

Artist and Sculptor Phylssa from Kosh Art has produced a range of sculptures that are scalable to suit a variety of spaces for the art lover. Phylssa had a range of prototypes 3D Scanned, each part accurately scanned so they could be assembled later. With a click of a button each sculpture could be scaled…

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Quasi by Ronnie van Hout

Ronnie van Hout is a New Zealand artist that currently lives in Melbourne. He works across a wide variety of media including sculpture, video, painting, photography, embroidery, and sound recordings. His latest piece is a crafty and clever rooftop sculpture that sits on top of Christchurch Art Gallery’s building. It is a giant hand with…

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