wysiwyg3d 3d scanning costume design Gods of Egypt, courtesy of Lionsgate and Costume Designer, Liz Keogh Palmer

3D Scanning for Costume Design enables a full scale replica of an actor to be 3D printed. 3D Scan the whole body getting the head, feet and hand details as necessary in the one session making it super cost effective and fast. Sections of the body can be 3D Printed as needed for costume design. This saves getting the actor in for a second time!.

“This provides a quick turnaround method to sculpt directly over the design and draw directly onto the body”.

“Many costumes have to be produced quickly and multiples produced for stunt and picture doubles. Sculpt, cast and mould is an effective way to produce many costumes such as breastplates”  says Australian Costume Designer Extraordinaire Liz Palmer.

Extract as featured in the  Australian Production Design Guild December 2016 Newsletter by Marta McElroy APDG Director

“The costumes were a truly international effort, as some of the fabrics were sourced in Europe and India and the incredible bead work was executed in India. This project may have been the first Australian costume production to rely heavily on 3D printing. Liz’s segment was an eye-opener on the possibilities for 3D printing in both costume and art departments.

One of the APDG longest serving sponsors, WYSIWYG 3D, were engaged to execute all the 3D house mannequins, which were printed into exact replicas of the key actor’s bodies which alleviated the need for the cast to be physically present for fittings. Due to equipment availabilities the crowns, jewellery and various other costume components were 3D printed by Melbourne company RED. Without WYSIWYG 3D and RED this job could not have been completed”


For more information on 3D Scanning and 3D Printing for Costume Design Contact Us.

Images: Reproduced with Permission Courtesy of Liz Palmer

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