wysiwyg3d 3D Scanning for Form Bucks

Form Bucks made easy with 3D Scanning

3D Scanning for Form Bucks complement traditional craftsmanship with the latest in modern technology to save car restorers and manufacturers time, money and headaches.

Accuracy and quality is improved and bucks are designed to a high tolerance meaning they fit together with increased precision.

Bucks can be used for one panel or a complete car. Expensive tooling and material wastage is greatly reduced as any changes can be made prior to manufacture using the 3d cad models. 3D Data can be easily stored for reuse later and form bucks can be taken apart quickly and stored flat for easy archives.

Clients can see the restoration project in progress and authorise any design changes by viewing a simple 3D Pdf which can be sent via email, the 3d model can be viewed 360 degrees on a computer with no special computer programs or system requirements.

For more Information on 3D Scanning Vehicles for Form Bucks or another automotive project please Contact Us Or Get a Quote.