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3D Scanning in Malaysia

Whilst our client was based in Sydney they needed some 3D Scanning done in Malaysia of a mining mill.

Nothing unusual about that, except the mine site is 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur in the jungle. The mine site would be shutdown for routine maintenance and we had only 12 hours to complete all the 3D scanning necessary with absolutely no chance of a second visit and when the mill was made it had better fit the existing mill shell.

This was not a problem for the Wysiwyg 3D engineers. Using the latest in portable scanning technology and the highest accuracy terrestrial scanner – the mills were 3d scanned onsite both inside and outside, data collected was backed up twice (just in case a laptop got lost or damaged) ready for processing back in our office. From the 3D scans supplied cross sections, bolt centres, material thickness and PCD’s, the design engineer was able to redesign a replacement mill head with the confidence that the part would be accurate to 0.5mm.

Not bad for a part that is over 4metres in diameter and 27 tonne.

Manufacture of the part would take 6-8 months for casting, sea freighted to Kuala Lumpur and then road freighted to site and installed.


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