Architect designed penthouse apartment Sydney uses 3D Scanning

A 27 million dollar apartment owner has high standards and the challenge started way before the scanning process took place. 3D Scanning is the perfect solution for this problem.
Enth Projects, specialists in elite design fit outs were facing a major problem when they could not create a “template” to fit a  spiral shaped hand rail for the architect designed stair case. Not only did they need a template but it needed to be accurate and how were they going to make a custom fit handrail.
Wysiwyg3D engineers used the high accuracy terrestrial scanner to 3d scan the entire stair case and then engineered the hand rail according to the clients specifications. It might not sound like that much of a challenge, but to be bounded by the existing gyprock, keep the properties of a hand rail (perpendicularity, height norm etc) and make sure it was going to fit gave our engineers a few sleepless nights.
The 3d data file generated was split in sizes based on transport logistics as the pieces had to fit in the elevator to be taken to the 43rd floor of the building.
Tom Grant from Make Good machined the 5 pieces from the 5-axis CNC straight from the 3D data file and fit on site by the Enth fitout team.
The final result was a stunning one of a kind spiral hand rail finished in black resin.


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