Benetton Race Car - Les Wright

Scanning a Benetton Race Car

We have to thank Shane Rolton, Owner and Principal of Wysiwyg 3D Pty Ltd for his foresight and expertise, he suggested we 3d scan the transaxle as a precaution after the initial repair in case we needed to make a new transaxle as these Benetton units are of the brand know as ”unobtainiam”.

The term “Boys and Their Toys” applies only too well when you are the proud owner of a B186 Formulae 1 1986 Benetton Racing Car. Les Wright, a racing car enthusiast and proud owner of this historical race car.
This 1986 F1 Benetton B186-05  powered by a turbo charged 1.5 litre 4 cylinder BMW engine was driven by Gerhard Berger, the 1986 F1 season would see these 1.5 Turbo engines producing over 1000 HP. [F1’s most powerful engines]
Since 1987 the car had been languishing in a museum and written off by the Europeans as ever being a runner. We purchased the car some three years ago and started on an extensive rebuild taking over two years to complete, taking us to America, Switzerland and of course Australia for ‘some good old Aussie know how’.
The car has recently been run in historic events at Eastern Creek and Phillip Island events.
In a racing incident the transaxle was broken and subsequently repaired, unfortunately the repair could not handle the power of the engine and failed.
‘Unless you are in the industry many people are not aware of what can be done’
Having the scans makes all things possible, the transaxle is a complex design requiring not only external patterns but a large number of intricate internal core box’s needed to cast a new transaxle, using the scans we can C and C all the items required for the foundry. The raw castings can then be machined using the precise information from the scans to locate all the suspension fixing points, diff location, input shaft location resulting in a brand new fully finished transaxle.
As a result of Shane’s input this historically significant car will be seen where it should be “On a race track”.


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