Brotherhood Crocker Truck Gear Box Housing

Damaged Brotherhood Crocker Truck Gear Box housing manufactured using modern and traditional technology


An ambitious project of fully restoring an early 20th century Brotherhood Crocker Truck hit a obstacle when the owner discovered a damaged gear box housing beyond repair. With nothing in the way of spare parts to source, the decision was made to manufacture a new housing utilising the best of modern technologies and abilities.


Wysiwyg3D were enlisted to 3D laser scan the existing gear box housing using our Kreon Arm. Once scanned, the decision was made to 3D model a new version of the gear box housing that would both look like the original, but, would also remedy the issues present in the original that led to its failure. Metal thicknesses could be improved and made consistent, along with minor improvements to internal design aiding strength in the areas of issue. All improvements could be made and visualised in the 3D space. This was important so that the overall look could be maintained while incorporating the improvements learned in the manufacturing industry over the past century. Only when the owner was 100% satisfied that all criteria were part of the new housing were ready to proceed to the next stage.


To ensure the housing maintained the visual aspects of the original components, the owner decided to have traditional timber tooling produced by a Patternmaker from the new 3d CAD Model. The tooling was then supplied to an Aluminium Foundry to make the best quality castings available. With the improvements in technique coupled with the step up in metal quality over the past 100 years, the Foundry was able to produce a casting that was not only of the highest integrity, but was very much a match visually with the original.

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