wysiwyg3d 3dscanning Building the Korama - Amarok V6 tvc

Building the Korama – Amarok V6 prototype started life from design sketches and built as a small scale model. The perfect size for 3D scanning using our Faroarm and measurement table.

Post processing included preparing the 3D cad file for machining using a high density foam as well as scaling up the file. The foam moulds were then used for fibre glassing each of the car panels to fit over the existing Amarok V6. Using this process ensured we met the tight deadline of 3 weeks.

Glimpses of Volkswagen’s latest Amarok V6 prototype were spreading on social media throughout Sydney as people witnessed the car heading to a secret location for filming of the latest Television Commercial.

Check out the video of Building the Korama Amarok V6 and the full TVC.


Vimeo Courtesy: Jade Manning


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