Wysiwyg 3D were involved from the beginning of Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  3D scanning sets, props, actors and actresses was all made possible with Geomagic and an accurate range of portable scanning equipment used by the Wysiwyg 3D engineers.

The Narnia ship started as an artists model, small enough to fit into the back of a 4WD. The clay Marquette, all 1500mm of it was laser scanned in 2 sections, the bow or head was ready prior to the stern so it was sent for scanning first. Once the stern had been completed and approved it was sent for scanning.

Using a 3D laser scanning head mounted on a 7 axis Faro Arm the surface form of the dragon’s head was digitised. Capturing 20,000 surface points per second at a 0.2mm resolution and an accuracy of 0.05mm the head alone was defined by 34,000,000 points!

When the Stern was received it was scanned with the same scanning system and aligned to the previous Dragon Head scan to produce a complete boat data set. Totalling over 100million points.

“It was a privilege to have scanned the clay model at the beginning of the production design process and then to return to set during filming to 3d scan the full size Dawn Treader for VFX!” Shane Rolton Managing Director Wysiwyg 3D

Using portable laser scanning equipment and some tricks of the trade enabled the Wysiwyg 3D engineers to scan many of the costumes including the difficult fur or hair such as those found on Miniatour and Satyr. The raw point cloud data was imported into Geomagic Studio and processed as cad models to be used by both the VFX departments and Art departments.

Portable hand held scanners were used to cyber scan the actors including Edmund with the portable scanning arm used to laser scan the props including the swords and the scabbard.

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