wysiwyg3d 3dscanning City Of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018
City of Sydney Chinese New Year 2018 uses Digital Models for Manufacturing 

The City of Sydney celebrate Chinese New Year with larger than life Chinese Zodiacs – all twelve of them were featured in and around the Sydney Harbour and Haymarket.

The Chinese Zodiacs start life as a 2d sketch by the artist, from there it’s up to our animation and 3d modelling specialists to turn those 2d sketches into 3d models.  Our animation and 3d modelling specialists used a combination of animation software and engineering software. This allowed greater flexibility for design changes but the engineering team required a suitable format for engineering analysis and manufacturing.

The original pig was 3d laser scanned and the data used to produce a roto mould so that hundreds of pig lanterns could be made cheaply and quickly

Video Credit: – City Of Sydney Behind the Scenes: Making of the Dog lantern.

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