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‘Drogon’ from Game of Thrones uses 3D Laser Scanning

The team from Gorilla Constructions met with the Wysiwyg3D engineers to find out how 3D scanning could be used on their next project. With a tight deadline looming the Game of Thrones star Drogon was the perfect ‘prop’ to use the latest in 3d technology. The more traditional methods of construction would just take to long.

The hand sculpted maquette was very carefully carried to the measurement table at Wysiwyg3d and was 3d scanned using our Faroarm and Nikon laser head. This laser scanner has an accuracy to 0.05mm which was needed to capture the intricate details of the teeth and scale like texture of the maquette especially as it was going to be scaled up 10 times.

The 3d data file was scaled up and 5 axis machined in high density Styrofoam straight from the 3d file, hand finished and sprayed with fibreglass by the Gorilla team.

The subscription TV company and its showcase channel installed a replica of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in the Opera House to promote the launch of season five of Game Of Thrones.

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