UTS Race Cars

Wysiwyg 3D owner Mr Shane Rolton, a Mechanical Engineer and former student from UTS is a proud supporter of the Formula Race Car competition. Over the last decade Wysiwyg 3D has sponsored numerous student teams, including UTS, Uni Newcastle, Uni of Sydney, Uni of NSW, ADFA, and Monash.  By 3d scanning the engine and gearbox assembled, an STL file is generated.

At the same time all of the functional features such as OEM engine mounting holes, manifold planes, inlet throats, spark plug and shaft centrelines are measured by probe. The students can then import both the STL and the Iges Datums into the University CAD packages. Designing the chassis, suspension and body around the engine model is easy knowing that the engine will fit and able to be serviced. Silly mistakes are avoided eg: not being able to remove the spark plugs due to a chassis cross member being in the way. Clashes can be quickly identified and eliminated from the design well before the chassis is even built.

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