wysiwyg3d 3d laser scanning First Nations Scar Tree

3D Scanning Aboriginal Scar trees

As part of a heritage assessment and conservation plan 3d scanning and HDR photographs were taken for three distinctively scarred remnant Eucalyptus albens tree at the Wilpinjong Mine – 40Km North-East of Mudgee

The Wilpinjong Mine is an open-cut coal mine located 40 kilometers north east of Mudgee.

In an agreement with the aboriginal community, the mine was established on “aboriginal land”.

In an effort to respect and preserve as much as possible of relevant heritage material, the mine decided to 3D capture the scarred trees found on site before being salvaged in case it was damaged in the process.

Scarred trees are trees which have had bark removed by indigenous Australians for the creation of bark canoesshelters, shields and containers, such as coolamons.

Bark is removed by making deep cuts in a tree with a stone axe. Scarred trees are significant evidence of Aboriginal occupation and can provide information on Aboriginal activities in the area that they are located.

The trees were 3d laser scanned and photographed and will be made available to the community as an interactive piece of information for the wider community rather than lost in a dusty archive deep somewhere in the library.

The original piece was also salvaged successfully and stored on a “museum-like” warehouse in the mine premises.


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