Flight Deck Oxygen Masks wysiwyg3d 3dscanning kreon scanner

Neighbours to the Sydney Scanning team, Aircraft Equipment Overhauls and Sales (AEOS) is a family owned company who has been providing superior maintenance services for a diverse range of aircraft components and associated products.


The AEOS engineers were required to perform servicing and testing on Emergency Oxygen Masks used by the Flight Deck including the First Officer, Pilot and Navigator. This included a range of functional testing such as pressure drop test, flow test and a vacuum test in accordance with international standards.

Each aircraft have their own mask system, comprising of a different shaped face cushion and each manufacturer has their own repair and overhaul specification. With multiple aircraft masks to test the common problem was each mask required a human face adaptor.


The engineers at Wysiwyg 3D tackled this problem in 2 stages. The first stage incorporated using the arm based 3D Scanner to capture the mask with 0.025mm accuracy. Using the mask data as a base the team 3D modelled a corresponding face cushion adaptor for the vacuum bench test and exported watertight STL files suitable for 3D Printing.


Within 5 days the flight deck oxygen masks were 3D scanned, cushion adaptors were 3D Modelled and sent for 3D printing. With a wide range of materials to choose from SLA was selected to print the adaptors, not only does SLA provide a smooth surface finish but it is dimensionally accurate.

The prototypes adaptors were delivered to AEOS for trial testing – some slight design changes were made by the scan team ready for round 2 prototyping.


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