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Lidar and Cyber Scanning on Movies is one of Wysiywg 3D specialties. Fools Gold, scanned onsite in Queensland, Australia used lidar scanning to capture data of the large ships and details of the underwater landscaping.

The point cloud  data was then processed to create accurate 3D cad model’s which provided the necessary details and     measurements to later use as a reference for reconstructing sets.

Initially the original fishing boat was scanned so that an exact model could be reconstructed. So that filming could commence a scaled model of the boat was rebuilt in a swimming pool using our cad data to get the accurate measurements and details. The completed set was also laser scanned using a terrestrial scanner and used for further CGI scenes.

Due to the large hire costs of these ships and the possibility that filming could sometimes take weeks or months to complete Wysiwyg 3D scanned both the outside and the interior of the ship. Complete and accurate cad models were used as a reference to later rebuild the interior of the ships. The cad models were also imported in animation packages such as Maya.

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