Using our various 3d laser scanners Wysiwyg 3D was able to acquire data for the movie Ghostrider. Scanning a number of different sized objects as large as Australia’s Melbourne Telstra Dome to Johhny Blaze’s helmet and Johnny Blaze’s motorbike. The scan data was used for a number of purposes including matching animated footage with the filmed footage, as well as used as a reference for reconstructing sets,  animation and VFX departments as well as pre-planning and camera locations

All items required 3d cad models but with varying degrees of detail and accuracy. This meant Wysiwyg 3D engineers needed to ensure each of the models met the expectations of the VFX departments by using a range of scanning equipment.

For designing the skull of Ghostrider, an artist sculpted a clay model of a skull. Using our Faro arm and modelmaker combo, the skull was 3d laser scanned, a surface model created and files exported ready to be imported in an industry standard animation program. This model formed a base ready for the animation process.

The terrestrial scanner was used for scanning the Melbourne Etihad Stadium including roof and seating layouts as well as the sets, trucks and surrounding trucks and rail yards.

Using our Faro modelmaker combo each of the jump bike components were scanned on the bench for detail as well as laser scanned assembled. Geomagic Studio was used to register each detailed component to its assembled position. Data was exported to Maya for use as a reference model for design from scratch modelling.

Wysiwyg engineers also 3d scanned the original motorbike helmet and the visor separately.

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