3D Scanning needed for redevelopment of Heritage Property in Balmain

The scope was to 3D Scan and remodel of every wall, structural beam, steel column, window and roof component (rafters, hips, collars, ceiling joints, props/struts) of the building.

The original brief included retaining and refurbishing the existing heritage building to accommodate new upmarket housing, high-end retail and public space.

It is as complicated as it sounds. Within all the norms and rules that surround heritage sites and buildings in Australia, the architects and property developers had put together an approach that would allow them to develop modern housing in a heritage listed frame, not easy.

To make things simpler, WYSIWYG 3D was invited along to contribute to the project. The scope was to scan:

  • all steel columns, main structural beams, internal wall faces / tops of walls, windows (including sill and top windows framing etc.)
  • Lantern interior face – window sill heights, set out of window panes, top of frames.
  • Timber buttresses
  • Structural beams spanning across void in lantern
  •  brick pier locations
  • Internal brick face of envelope
  • all external faces of the existing building especially capturing brick piers, window sill/top of frame, eaves
  • Façade facing Hyam St
  • Existing Doors and windows – location and detail
  • Façade facing Foy St
  • Façade facing Reynold St
  • Survey of gutter adjacent the lantern on the exterior

After 2 full days of scanning the interior and the exterior of the building was captured in its entirety and in colour.

As per the scope each and every element was remodelled as individual entities after that.

The data was then aligned to survey coordinates (MGA), so all the further work could be done in global coordinates and then exported ready to be used in Autodesk REVIT where the architects feel comfortable the most.