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Impeller Vanes Redesigned for Enhanced Performance


Impeller vane profiles can be a challenging shape to generate at the best of times. So when it comes to 3D modeling a range of existing castings that you would like to remanufacture, you’re going to have your work cut out for you if the plan is to measure with conventional measuring equipment. Accuracy is also very difficult and time-consuming to maintain at the highest level as the profile continuously changes along there length.


Using our high accuracy 3D scanning system, our engineers were able to capture the vane profiles of ten different Impellers ranging in size from 300mm to 1200mm in diameter accurately with relative ease in under a day! Utilizing the high accuracy & dense scan data, our team generated a solid 3D model of each vane profile to a tolerance of 0.1mm without any of the guess work usually involved with other measuring methods. The process also captured the relationship of all the vanes in relation to the central axis.


The process of 3D Scanning allowed the team of engineers involved to assess the performance and capabilities of each individual Impeller confidently within a matter of days from starting the project. They were then able to tweak the vane profiles for enhanced performance prior to committing to remanufacture.

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