wysiwyg3d 3d laserscanning Mining Cutter Head

3D Laser Scanning of the Mining Cutter Head with the purpose of re-lace the cutting picks, changing the spacing from 70mm to 40mm.

A cutter head machine is a piece of excavating equipment consisting of a boom-mounted cutting head, a loading device usually involving a conveyor, and a crawler travelling track to move the entire machine forward into the rock face.

The cutting head can be a general purpose rotating drum mounted in line or perpendicular to the boom, or can be special function heads such as jack-hammer like spikes, compression fracture micro-wheel heads like those on larger tunnel boring machines, a slicer head like a gigantic chain saw for dicing up rock, or simple jaw-like buckets of traditional excavators

Our client had used other 3D Laser Scanning service providers in the past with no success, but this time they could not afford to put $300,000.00 on the line so they contacted WYSIWYG 3D to do the capturing and remodelling of the existing cutter head. With the information they had, the helicoidal pattern of the picks (a process called re-lacing) was going to change from 70mm to 40mm.

WYSIWYG 3D scanned the cutter head in its entirety capturing every single one of the 140+ picks. The picks had a slightly incremental angle that had to be kept, so accuracy was crucial.

All the components of the machinery were 3D modelled individually and exported so they could be manipulated independently.

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