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Critical Mining Parts ready for Australian Manufacturing

Our customer was facing a bit of a dilemma on a couple of fronts. A component critical to the operation of a major item of machinery within their daily operations was proving troublesome for two different reasons.

Firstly, an overseas supplier was often guilty of long delays in the supply of a quality replacement. This led to costly and frustrating operational delays. Secondly, another overseas supplier offered prompt supply, however, unfortunately, were unable to consistently deliver a quality product capable of performing at the required level also leading to untimely delays.

WYSIWYG 3D was able to assist in capturing the critical data from one of the elusive quality replacements prior to the part being installed for operation. Whilst our team had only a small window available, our team was able to laser scan and probe the part using our Kreon scanning system before it was put into operation. The scan data was then used in the generation of a 3D Model within 0.03mm of the required part that could be imported into a number of CAD software.

Our ability to scan the mining part quickly to minimise machine downtime and deliver a 3D solid model to the required level of accuracy was key in this project. The 3D model could be taken directly into CNC machining software and used to produce parts within suitable tolerances. The customer was now able to seek out reliable local suppliers that could meet both quality and supply requirements in the future.

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