Sangeeta Sandrasegar, 2014 and Daughter Mikayla

Cyber Scanning our daughter Mikayla was the start of bringing this sculpture to life for Artist sculptor Sangeeta Sandrasegar.

A quick 3D scan of Mikayla using the Artec Eva, the point cloud was then processed using Geomagic and scaled up ready for machining and finishing by John Cox Creature Workshop.

The larger than life sculpture was hoisted onto the rooftop of the Museum Of Contemporary Art with views overlooking the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House!.

Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 2014 for the Loti Smorgon Sculpture Terrace on Level 4

For more information on the Exhibition or to hear the artist discuss the commission Click here.


“Sangeeta Sandrasegar’s larger-than-life, fibreglass sculpture faces out over the harbour to the ocean beyond. It is a mer-child, combining the body of a child with the head of an ancient fish. A fossil of this 419 million year old fish, Entelognathus primordialis, was recently discovered in China, and is thought to be the earliest common ancestor of jawed vertebrates, including humans”

Retrieved MCA Website 16th December 2014

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to be carried away by the current, to be dissolved in the Other 2014

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