Wysiwyg 3D contributes to Optus TVC it's possible

Lidar and Cyber Scanning for TVC

Wysiwyg 3D was approached by a major VFX studio to lidar scan the country town of Canowindra and the city streets of Shanghai China for the Optus TVC Commercial ‘It’s Possible.’ by advertising company Saatchi. Both the female and male leads were also cyberscanned for the TVC and other promotional material.

Lidar scans were taken of the entire streetscapes, which give long-range, detailed 3D outputs in high resolution

Working in the mild autumn weather of Canowindra to the extreme cold in China, Managing Director Shane Rolton lidar scanned both sets of streets in multiple locations to capture maximum detail. Achieving over 8 GB of data between the two locations enabled the team to seamlessly go from country NSW to the big city lights of China.

Interested in Behind the Scenes of a TVC and to find out a bit more about lidar scannng, Visit Optus ‘It’s Possible” or For a look at the TVC Visit The Inspiration Room.

the Lidar scans and photogrammetry to re-build a complete CG representation of the environment and the action within it

Photo: Shane Rolton with Principal Actor Luke



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