wysiwyg3d 3d scanning roof bolter

3D Scanning used to create new parts for existing Roofbolter

A roof bolter is a specialised machine designed for drilling holes and installation of safety bolts in roofs and walls of mines, power plants, tunnels and storage facilities.


Our client needed a digital twin of the existing machine so that new attachment pieces could be designed in Cad and later manufactured.


Wysiwyg 3D engineers captured the roof bolter with three different scanners in over 32 positions and two configurations to ensure complete coverage, detail and accuracy.
Each component was remodelled to include all bolt positions so the new attachment could easily be designed and built to ensure it fits exactly.


The cad model was supplied in an assembly as a separate part to make the file easier to work with. Files were delivered as a STEP model for importing directly into the client’s design program and eliminating any further modelling or rework.

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