Ropes Edge is an American start-up company dedicated to supplying innovative safety equipment that protects rope from hazardous abrasive edges used in rescue and rigging systems.


Dirk Dorenbros, owner of Ropes Edge, utilises HP MJF 3D Printing for both prototyping and Additive Manufacturing. Based in America, Dirk wanted to
expand globally, without incurring distribution and warehouse expenses.


GoProto’s Digital Manufacturing Network (DMN) provided Ropes Edge the freedom to manufacture in American and Australia, providing economic feasibility and a broader global reach.
Key Advantages:
• Localised production.
• Eliminates inventory.
• No tooling expenses & shorter lead
times using HP MJF 3D Printing.

Leveraging the power of HP MJF technology GoProto produces 500 units in 5 days


Within Australia and America, GoProto produces parts on-demand using HP MJF 3D printers and then ships directly to Ropes Edge’s customers – anywhere within Asia Pacific and America. Reducing Ropes Edge inventory costs and maintaining lean, agile supply operations.

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