Anzac Memorial 3D Scan – Bronze Statues

Artist Julie Squires was commissioned by Orange Council to make a cenotaph for the WW1 Centenary. Usually this would take Julie up to 6 months per sculpture. With the use of Cyber Scanning Julie was able to complete twice as much work in half the time.

By replacing the traditional labour intensive roughing out and scaling process with 3D scanning combined with CNC machining the artistic and highly skilled finishing remained with the artist.

In conjunction with the artist and WW1 Heritage Specialist the hero’s were 3d scanned with full military uniforms. Belts, buckles, shoelaces and backpacks weren’t a problem for the portable 3D Scanner.

To ensure high detail and authenticity weapons were scanned using our high resolution scanner  and combined with the other data.

All data was processed ready for machining and hand finishing by the artist. Traditional foundry methods completed the bronzing process.

Head to our Facebook page for more behind the scenes photos with the artist and WW1 Heritage specialist.

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