In times past a traditional craftsman would form the wax by hand around the piece, this is not only time consuming but it is fairly complicated as well. They tend to hone their skills at the bench with traditional tools.

Perfect for small objects with fine detail is our Solution IX scanner, with an accuracy of 0.01mm and a resolution of 0.03mm, this was the ideal laser scanning solution for a seahorse.

Our client was unsatisfied with other forms of seahorse jewellery, they didn’t capture the detail or weren’t realistic enough so as a jewellery designer, decided to do something about it. Using this scanning method enables the item to be scaled up in any size , smaller for a pair of earrings or larger for a pendant or brooch. Wysiwyg 3D engineers were able to export the data file in STL format ready to 3D printed in castable wax. To enable the scanner to capture the fine detail a white coating is used to coat the item which then dissipates over a short period of time.

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The pictures displayed show the complete 3D cad model and the seahorse in the desktop scanner.

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