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The Great Gatsby uses Cyber and Lidar Scanning

Wysiwy 3D was contracted to do the Cyber and Lidar Scanning for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

Hero’s  including Leo Dicaprio, Tobey Macquire, Carey Mulligan as well as fellow Aussies – Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher were all scanned by the Wysiwyg 3D team – one hero even commenting on how ‘quick’ it was compared to other 3d scanning.

The team needed to be fast but also guarantee that all data was collected in one sitting, once filming has recommenced there was no chance they could get re-scanned.

Cyber scanning also included scanning the extras in their period costumes including feathers, sequins and hats.

Wysiwyg 3D used our terrestrial scanners to scan cars from private collections, the train on location and onset scanning of the motorbikes were all not a problem using our range of portable scanning technology.

3D Cad models were exported ready to be used by the VFX houses including Animal Logic.

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