trust building

Trust Building uses 3D Scanning to Create Accurate Floor Plans for Design Team Overseas

Constructed between 1914 and 1916 The Trust Building in Sydney’s CBD is heritage listed under the NSW office of Heritage and Environment and declared of state significance as a rare surviving commercial building
of the Edwardian period and the leading example of the first generation of Sydney skyscrapers.
An overseas design team was completing the retrofit, to do this they needed accurate dimensions of the interior to make cabinetry and shelves without ever coming to Australia. This required 70 scans to capture the lower 2 floors, the main floor and the upper level with a total of 1.8 billion points to work with.

All walls, roofs, doors, windows, cornice and other period features were 3D modelled from the scan data. Files were delivered in sections for ease of use.

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