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From Universal Pictures Australia and Director Angelina Jolie comes the unbelievable true story based on the life of Louis Zamperini – UNBROKEN released in January 2015.

Filmed In Sydney, Australia – all lidar scanning of sets was done by the Wysiwyg 3D engineers on location. Using our range of portable 3d laser scanning technology enabled quick setup and pull down to meet the tight filming schedule.

Props were sent to our Peakhurst office using our high accuracy scanner with data processed in-house by the Wysiwyg 3d team to ensure confidentiality and security.

Cyber Scanning of talent and heroes was also completed on location in and around Sydney. The portable cyber scanner takes only 5-10 minutes to 3d scan ensuring that talent is back and ready to film the next take.

Flexibility is the key to 3d scanning our busy heroes. With other commitments to consider scanning in our Peakhurst offices located only 20min from the international airport was another option explored by the crew.

Files were prepared and ready for importing into industry standard animation software used by the VFX houses.

Watch the Official Trailer here.

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