3D Scanning and Vacuum Forming – Sushi with a Twist

A long-time client and subscriber to our Enewsletter Gary immediately thought of 3D Scanning when this project came up.

GARY DEIRMENDJIAN is an artist based in Sydney, his practice encompasses sculpture, photography, video, installation and site-specific intervention. He has exhibited extensively and has received numerous awards and new work invitations and commissions for private and public artworks, as well as site-specific projects.



Gary was commissioned to create a lampshade in the shape of the famous soy sauce fish. It had to look realistic and be manufactured in a short time frame. To help with this task WYSIWYG 3D came on board. The scope was to 3d scan and design a soy sauce fish lamp and create a file that was ready to be sent for vacuum forming with no work in between. The final goal was to have them hanging on the ceiling as a fully functional light shade.


With a range of scanning solutions to choose from, the engineers decided the best scanner for the small but detailed soy sauce bottle was the FaroArm. Whilst the bottle is also translucent the scanner accurately captured the shape and patterns of the fish. A small amount of post-processing of the point cloud enabled the files to be scaled up and exported in a file format suitable for manufacturing.


The files were used to carve up a two-part mold which we used to do vacuum forming. From the molds, we ended up with two halve skins and glued the seam right around, and fitted them with customised LED light fixtures.

Combining traditional manufacturing such as vacuum forming and 3D technology enabled the team to meet the tight deadline.

The result turned out exactly as we expected –  a scaled-up replica of the soy sauce fish complete with all the detail of the original.

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