Designed by Megafun using the charming and cheeky animated characters of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead videogame, the zoetrope required 270 detailed models for ACMI motion picture exhibition.

GoProto is no stranger to mass customisation or volume 3D printing projects.  However, the team identified some concerns relating to the installation of the 1 metre tall zoetrope with each model requiring precision placement.


Using HP’s voxel-level colour 3D printing, the animated characters were printed in full colour to eliminate the need for painting each individual model.

To allow for exact placement of each figurine character, as well as easy assembly and disassembly, interlocking features were applied to the CAD files prior to 3D printing.  Providing a major time saving connection method.


Megafun’s zoetrope was a wonderful demonstration of 3D printing achieving complex geometries and mass customisation.  The centre piece is currently on display at ACMI in Fed Square Melbourne.


Photographer: Egmont Contreras & Oliver Taber

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