Humans have naturally evolved to process information and solve problems faster and more accurately in three dimensions than in two.

That’s why 3D digital technologies – scanning, photogrammetry, modelling and printing – enable better design, engineering, entertainment, manufacturing, forensics, healthcare, heritage preservation, education and more.

The applications are as broad as your imagination and the advantages are huge!

Our innovative experts will help to realise your 3D vision by drawing on deep experience across the following sectors:

Architecture, engineering and construction

We’ve worked with architects, engineers and builders across the aerospace, automotive, construction, defence, healthcare, heritage preservation and mining industries, applying 3D digital technologies to positively transform training, workflows, quality control and maintenance.

We also print 3D tools, parts, prototypes and architectural models, in a range of materials at high resolution and in full-colour, if desired.

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Arts, entertainment and advertising

With more than 20 years’ global experience in the arts, entertainment and advertising, including dozens of feature film credits, we empower artists, animators, designers and marketers to combine 3D digital technologies with traditional media for maximum impact.

We also safely capture 3D digital archives for archaeologists, historians, palaeontologists and other heritage conservators. We’ve worked at every scale, from tiny coins to Sydney’s Town Hall.

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We’ve provided excellent and efficient manufacturing support to help businesses of all sizes develop, improve and reverse-engineer a wide range of products, parts and processes.

Our state-of-the-art 3D digital technologies and skilled engineers can greatly enhance the precision of your design, tooling, machining and quality control, and enable rapid prototyping, repairs or alterations.

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The aerospace industry commands the highest precision requirements when it comes to manufacturing. This is why 3D inspection is used from development to design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and maintenance, repair operations (MRO).

WYSIWYG3D has the widest range of 3D metrology and laser scanner technologies to scan small to large objects, delivering accurate, reliable solutions for aircraft manufacturers and service providers

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Keeping the region safe during everchanging geopolitical times is a challenge That is why the Defence industry demands speed, reliability and precision. It is critical to partner with a company that specialises in delivering fast, reliable and accurate asset digitisation – WYSIWYG3D

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