Our 3D measurement technologies allows full flexibility and speed from 3D scan data to 3D CAD models of high fidelity output for CAD design, manufacturing and inspection.

With best in class 3D scanning technologies, we ensure clients receive data fit-for-purpose on complete projects and reduce aircraft on ground time.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance and repair are very important to the product cycle. A high-precision 3D measurement technology is a reliable guarantee for safety.

Inspection of repair work ensures meeting stringent quality standards.

Items scanned can also be 3D printed efficiently without incurring long lead times or minimum order quantities. Our 3D printer solutions in polymers, composites or metal provide end-to-end scan-to-print solutions aerospace customers need.

Quality Control

The 3D model obtained by 3D scanning can be applied to the virtual assembly to verify digital assembly, operation by 3D visualisation and spatial interaction. Our 3D scanners deliver thorough 3D digital support for virtual assembly, identify issues during assembly to allow modification before actual assembly. This improves workflow of quality control during product development and streamlines the delivery lifecycle.


Through 3D scanning of the whole aircraft, we can get precise 3D data and then generate CAD models using 3D scanning software. 3D measurements of damaged or prepared surfaces allows accurate measurements of the dimensions of the fuselage and equipment components before undergoing reverse engineering and complete reconstruction for further development and design.

We provide the reliable 3D digital solution with lower cost and leading edge technologies.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) / Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computer simulations can be performed through 3D scanning in the R&D phase of the aircraft. Our metrology-grade 3D scanners enables wear and tear analysis, real CFD analysis models, verify lightweight structural deformation conditions so as to achieve faster performance optimisation.

3D scanning can measure deviations between the scaled-down 3D model and real aircraft to ensure data accuracy during wind tunnel testing.

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